1-on-1 Compositing Mentorship.
Rapidly develop your VFX career with a seasoned Compositing Supervisor guiding you.
Who this is for.

This mentorship is designed and tailored specifically for you. Whether you're a student trying to break into the industry, an artist who is unsure which skills to develop to gain seniority or are an experienced professional looking to take the next step into leadership and supervision roles, 1-on-1 mentorship will help you rapidly develop your career.

Why mentorship?

Traditional training only provides a standardized overview of the knowledge and skills you require, so you're ultimately gaining the same knowledge as everyone else. In an industry as competitive as VFX, you need to stand out to succeed.

1-on-1 mentorship can help you gain the confidence you need to achieve your career goals by highlighting your strongest skills, identifying & tackling areas of improvement, refining your mindset, and improving how you connect & communicate with prospective employers, just to name a few.

This is your unique opportunity to be coached by a seasoned professional, and learn some industry-proven techniques!
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Reach out via mentor@benmcewan.com to communicate your interest and inquire about availability.
Your mentorship, at a glance.

Get your first job in the industry.

The VFX industry is a highly-specialized field, and incredibly competitive. There are plenty of schools with a variety of curriculums that pump out many graduates every year, however there aren't enough studios or entry-level positions available for everyone.

I can help you stand out from the crowd to not only get your foot in the door, but help you to succeed in your first job and gain greater opportunities going forward.

Nail your job interviews.

As a Compositing Supervisor with a decade of industry experience, I have personally run the gamut of interviewing at a range of studios from small boutiques to the world's largest companies, and have done so throughout my career at each different experience level.

I can help you make sense of what recruiters are looking for, prepare you for common interview questions at your level, and help you differentiate yourself from other candidates so you can land your dream job.

Learn that skill you're not sure about.

Depending on the type of projects you've worked on in the past, you might not have had the opportunity to fully explore and develop skills in a certain area. Perhaps you don't know how to tackle those impossible greenscreen shots, or you're unsure how to make CG characters look photorealistic?

Together, we can sharpen your skills and build your confidence by understanding the theory behind what you need to accomplish, and the practical steps for how to make it happen. Or bring your shots and we can work on them together!

Negotiate what you're worth.

Talking about money is perhaps the most difficult part of the job. VFX studios are running on razor-thin margins, which means they're always looking to save every dollar they can; especially on their biggest expense -- artist salaries.

I can share some tips and techniques I've learned from some top negotiators in different fields, and help you to apply them to the context of the VFX industry, so you can get paid what you deserve.

Meet your mentor.

Ben McEwan is a professional Compositing Supervisor & VFX Mentor. 

He has created a career focusing on Visual Effects for Feature Film. Since 2011, he has worked with many top-tier studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, DNEG, Method, and Image Engine just to name a few. His experience has covered a variety of roles from being a senior artist and leading a comp team, to supervising and developing an entire compositing department.

Ben has contributed work to various feature films, including the Academy Award-winning Gravity, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, through to projects such as Neill Blomkamp's Chappie and OATS Studios shorts. Click here to view his full list of film credits.

Including working on the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Ben has mentored students privately, at Vancouver Film School, and currently teaches at Langara Centre for Entertainment Arts, helping the next generation of VFX artists be their best. He also helped Compositors level-up via Ben's Comp Newsletter, a free bi-weekly newsletter.

The right plan for you.

1-on-1 Mentorship with Ben McEwan.

Our mentorship session will take place via Zoom (capped at 90 minutes), and will start by discussing your current experience and goals for the future. Following on from what we discuss, I will help you to develop a personalized, actionable plan to follow, to put you on the path to success. Whether you've got a shot you're struggling to complete, want to polish your reel or skills in Nuke, want to learn the soft skills and mindset you need to succeed, or are hoping to take the next big step in your career, I'm here to help!

$150.00 USD / session
Currently unavailable
Reach out via mentor@benmcewan.com to communicate your interest and inquire about availability.
What others are saying.

Chris Estebal :: Image Engine

Ben is a fantastic mentor. He taught me everything I know and more with his skills in comp and goes deeper with his knowledge of python scripting/gizmos. He's excellent at explaining and going into detail about techniques he uses and many other ways to get the end product. He spots small details easily and calls them out right away and shows you different ways to handle those problems.

Overall, Ben is supportive and he knows his stuff. He is the best mentor I've ever had.

Federico Sibella :: EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani

I decided to book a one time mentorship with Ben because I felt I needed some guidance and not just a quick "how to" fix. I am the kind of person who never feels good enough for the role he covers and Ben helped me to reframe the whole situation with some practical actions that can tremendously impact the way you perceive your work environment. As a compositor the ability to manage stress, priorities and communication is crucial to get the best out of your project and I had the chance to learn more about these skills in 1 hour talk with Ben, than in years of tutorials and webinars.

Valerio Andrea Costa :: Vancouver Film School

I had the luck to be mentored by Ben during my time at VFS. He made me understand how important it is to iterate and never stop learning in this industry. He always built a productive environment during our conversations by listening to my doubts, setting short/long term goals, sharing his knowledge and pushing me to explore new techniques. His very specific, punctual and thorough feedback allowed me to develop a very critical eye for even such small details. Furthermore, with his perfectionist attitude, he taught me not to ever settle as I may always achieve a better result.

Stephanie Gadsden :: Method Studios

I started at Umedia as a junior compositor and worked closely with Ben who was leading at that moment. Since the first week, I could tell he has an amazing ability to explain all he knows in a very detailed, easy to understand and enjoyable way, which helped me a lot as a junior. 

I’ve also followed all his newsletters and taken his Python courses to keep learning as a compositor. His passion, ability to mentor and teach are highly impressive.